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Let’s Talk About Your Social Media Marketing and Instagram Reels

Use video in your social media marketing and see why others are talking up its value.

Each social media platform has its unique qualities but they’re all competing for your attention. Instagram, long known as the premier channel for sharing photos, announced last year that it was making a move toward video sharing. That means it’s lining up to compete with TikTok and any other platform that utilizes videos. We all know video is an amazing tool for delivering content about a brand but is there a right and wrong way to do it?

Videos can grab the attention of viewers, keeping them on your page for longer (a good thing for Google ratings) and can lead to increased sales. By researching your audience and discovering their needs and how they consume information, you can build a strategy for content creation that speaks directly to them. This brings value to your efforts by impacting your target audience. What is one of the increasingly popular ways to include these videos in your social media marketing strategy?  Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels, which is a popular tool for companies looking to grow their reach on the platform, is fast becoming a go-to tool for marketers. It’s vital to take the time to carefully craft your 15-, 30- or 60-second video.

Instagram Reels perks include:

  • Generates more engagement than traditional Instagram videos
  • It’s popular with teens, who say they use it almost as much as TikTok
  • Almost 70% of marketers have plans to use or increase video on Instagram
  • Allows advertising

With a little planning, you can be up and running with successful Instagram marketing content.  There are a number of ideas you can utilize for successful Instagram Reels, but one of the top ways to draw in consumers is using Instagram Reels as an educational tool for your brand.

Explainer videos are popular with consumers today. They will view videos of a product they are thinking about investing in to get a better idea of how it works and if it will fill their needs.

You can also educate viewers on events you have coming up. For example, you can build a 30-second video explaining what your followers will get out of participating in your next event and offer important information about the time, date and place of the event.

When your Instagram Reels are informative, viewers who get a lot out of them will share them with their friends, family or colleagues, which is a great way to organically spread your content to others.

Putting a video together can be an intimidating task, which is why it pays to bring in a qualified expert to assist you. At SJC, we help build strategies for reaching more people on social media, but we also produce the content, which means we are the one-stop-shop for getting more eyes on your brand, your products and services. Find out more about what we do by contacting us today.


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