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Let’s Talk About Video Marketing For Lead Generation

Your video marketing should include a plan for SEO and some fresh ideas like the ones listed here.

In a 2020 survey, 86% of consumers said they would like to see more videos from the brands they like. Video is certainly maintaining the interest of audiences, but it may not be enough to simply put a video up on social media every now and then. Your video marketing requires a more targeted strategy.

Here are key areas to focus on to see more engagement from your video marketing and enjoy a better return on investment:

Match Your CTA to Your Goals: Are you trying to direct more visitors to your product page? Trying to build an email subscription list? Be sure to include a call to action (CTA) that encourages that behavior, and make sure your video is designed that way, too. For instance, if you’re trying to build an email subscription list, your how-to video might include a mention of all the additional how-to links you normally send out via email.

In a longer video, consider adding in more than one CTA that both helps break up the length but also reinforces the desired action and keeps it fresh in their minds for when the video is over.

Liven Up Your Landing Page: Videos aren’t just for social media. Consider embedding a video into your landing page. While you typically don’t want to crowd a landing page with too much text, a video can do the work of pages of text by communicating multiple messages with a few visual cues.

Add Visual Content to Emails: Video makes a great companion to strong text in an email. Many email providers don’t allow an email to be embedded directly into the message, so use a link when necessary.

Make It More Enticing: There’s nothing like a little resistance to drive up the interest in your video. Using video as gated content can increase attention on your video, and gathering email addresses and other contact information to grant access gives you a way to build your lead list. Win-Win!

Include SEO Practices: You’ve got your blogs and your website optimized, so don’t leave your videos out in the cold! Include a keyword in your title, plus create a meta description that utilizes the keyword. Include keywords in your video script and include a transcript, since search engines can’t “hear” your keywords.

If you’re still trying to find the time to create your first video, or if you’re producing videos but just can’t imagine adding One. More. Thing…we get it. Contact us at SJC Marketing for some help in creating a video marketing strategy that drives up leads and improves your return on investment.

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