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Increase Engagement With This Digital Marketing Strategy

With the right approach to ad placement, digital marketing strategies can provide promising results.

Consumers spend so much time online today that it can be difficult to track how your digital marketing efforts can reach them. Tracking consumer behaviors is an integral part of developing meaningful content, but to do it correctly, many variables need to be considered. For example, where do consumers go to educate themselves on products and services they intend to invest in?

There has historically been a divide between marketing and advertising, but taking a hybrid approach with programmatic advertising can provide a much-needed boost to your target audience engagement. The process is fairly straightforward: develop multichannel content that targets a specific audience with personalized content.

Programming for Engagement

Data drives just about everything we do today and is critical to digital marketing strategies. When this data is analyzed, it can create the basis for content that is dispersed in programmatic ads across multiple channels.

But what are the different types of ads and which ones will be most effective for your brand?

  • Social Media
    From Facebook to LinkedIn to X, programmatic ads on social media use the various targeting tools of each platform to reach unique audiences with content that will show up in their feeds. Your message might be the same, but the appearance of the content can be altered to fit the user experience on each platform.
  • Mobile
    Consumers spend more than three hours a day on their phones, which means ads presented for mobile are likely to become a big factor in increasing engagement.
  • Displays on Websites and Mobile Apps
    All ranges of interactive elements, including images and videos, can be displayed along the content the user is taking in or as a banner. It’s extremely common and often reflects content relevant to previous websites the user has visited.
  • Videos
    Ever clicked on a link but before you see what you clicked, you are presented with a short ad? These videos can be highly influential in impacting consumer engagement.
  • Native Content
    For a more seamless approach to offering ads, consider the native displays, which are a non-intrusive approach that blends in with the elements of the site you’re browsing.

What works for one brand might not work for another, but there is usually success in mixing two or more into your strategy.

Need assistance with your digital marketing? Contact us at SJC Marketing and we’ll be your partner in increasing engagement with your valued target audience.

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