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How a Business Photoshoot Can Turn Heads

Take your business photoshoot to the next level and cut through the noise.

Consumers are visually driven. For example, it’s been proven over and over in how they react to visuals in social media posts – they’re far more likely to like and/or share content that is accompanied by photographs and videos. That is one of the reasons it is important to have quality photos of your employees and work environment, because it can help build loyalty to your target audience. That’s why a business photo shoot should be part of your outreach strategy (contact us if you need professional pictures for your business!)

Tighten the Distance

Believe it or not, your target audience wants to know more about you, because it helps them establish trust in your organization and get a feel for your company culture. Photos serve as a window into your brand, allowing consumers a way to get to know you better. Post them on your website and on social media platforms and you’ll notice an uptick in traffic. Furthermore, photos can help erase the distance a consumer might feel between what they think you stand for and what you really are.

For example, LinkedIn is a platform that puts people on a professional pedestal. You’re probably already frequently updating your site, listing your latest accomplishments and sharing valuable content. Take the time to update your portraits and share it at the end of every blog post.

Get More Attention

News releases aren’t always as big a hit as you would like them to be. There are so many out there floating around on any given day that they can be easy to dismiss. Photos are notoriously absent from most news releases, which is why utilizing images from a business photoshoot can help your releases cut through the noise.

Whether it is a shot of team activities, a member of your team accepting an award or a simple portrait announcing a promotion – photos can help garner the attention you need and get the word out about your latest happenings.

Everyone has a camera these days, most of which are embedded in smartphones, but don’t take the DIY approach when you decide it is time for a business photo shoot. Quality images are the way to go, and often, amateurs don’t know about lighting techniques and camera settings and post-production editing that can make a photo really pop. Hire a professional – it’s worth the investment.

At SJC Marketing, we assist organizations in many industries with their news releases, but we also have quality photographers on staff that have years of experience behind the lens.  Take a look at our portfolio to see some of our work.

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