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Monday Morning Coffee With Treats Unleashed

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

After countless years of your canine friends begging for human treats, the tables have been turned.

Visit any of the 12 Treats Unleashed locations and you may be asking Fido if you can please, please have a bite.

You may think this is an exaggeration, but step into the cinnamon-scented store, with its showcase table heaped with gorgeous decorated pet treats and you’ll be wondering why there aren’t stores like this for humans.

There’s much more than just freshly-baked treats. There is a wide variety of products and services, including natural food and pet health products, grooming services and self-wash stations.

If human hair salons smelled like warm cookies…well, let’s just say we think the male population would be setting weekly appointments just like your Grandma Betty.

Their Story: Treats Unleashed began in 2002, when owners Theresa and Ian Miller moved back to St. Louis and struggled to find natural treats and food for their two dachshunds. Beginning with a kiosk in the mall selling apple cinnamon heart treats, the owners thought maybe other pet owners wanted healthy treats, too. The treats took off, and it wasn’t long before the whole family was pitching in to paint a new store in Chesterfield.

The company now has 10 locations in St. Louis, plus a location in Columbia, Missouri and another in Leawood, Missouri. Recently the company has been renovating a few of its stores to include more pet services, according to Communications Coordinator Tom Bazzle.

A Different Kind of Pet Store: There are plenty of pet treats on the market, so what makes the products at Treats Unleashed so special? A big part of it is the ingredients they use. Developed with a pet nutrition specialist, the treats are made with ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen: oats, honey, eggs and flour and they are decorated with pet-safe products like peanut butter and yogurt. Every store is responsible for its own baking, which explains the awesome-smelling stores.

Treats Unleashed also offers specialty services that are difficult to find elsewhere. For instance, you can obtain a free pet food consultation to help you find the right fit for your pet’s nutrition needs.

Hosting a pet-centered event? No puppy party is complete without the Treat Waggin’, which is, essentially, a food truck for pets. Keep an eye out for the Treat Waggin’ making appearances at community events around town.

One of the most exciting things happening at Treats Unleashed is a bit of a throwback to the days of decorated mall cookie cakes. Personalized pet cookie cakes are exploding in popularity, with Treats Unleashed equipping cats and dogs everywhere with a birthday dessert.

Sharing the Love: Treats Unleashed is a unique place, and that might be because they have a bigger vision for their role in the community. Each month, they host a special event that benefits small local rescues shelters, and they also bake Spotlight treats, with 100% of the sales of the treats going to a designated Spotlight organization.

Benefits for Humans: While it’s all about the pets, Treats Unleashed is making life better for their owners, too. From the self-wash stations that include everything you need to wash and dry your dog (they’ll even clean up your mess!) to the Frequent Barker club that provides exclusive offers and discounts on pet treats, the staff at Treats Unleashed is helping you take great care of your pets.

Want to know if Treats Unleashed is right for your pets? Take them in to check it out and load up on some tasty pet treats. At least, we assume they’re tasty. Our dogs won’t share.

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