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Grab Users’ Attention With Quality Video Marketing

Brand engagement is heightened with quality video content, but be ready to grab on to new methods.

Improve Brand Engagement With These Three Marketing Tips

It’s difficult to grasp, but Americans spend 11 hours per day watching, listening to and interacting with media. Obviously, there is plenty of content out there ready for consumption, so how can you compete with all of it? Focusing on a more strategic video marketing strategy is step one.

Of all the online content, video is one of the most effective at grabbing consumers’ attention, which is why we’re seeing so much more of it on social media channels and on our favorite websites, whether it’s dedicated to news, your go-to retailer or anything in between.

What makes video marketing more difficult is that the trends are constantly changing. It’s highly possible that the trend you just mastered might not make it halfway through 2019. With that in mind, here are some trends you can get ahead of right now so you’re ready to go for this new year.

360 Degrees

The 360-degree view gives the viewer a unique perspective that totally immerses them in the surroundings.

Editing software can be used to stitch all your images or video together, so as long as you have a quality camera or a GoPro, you are ready to get started.

Real estate, car dealers, outdoor companies, galleries and museums are particularly good industries for this trend, but as long as you can use it to provide a more interactive experience, your users will appreciate it, regardless of what industry you’re in.

TV Advertising vs. YouTube

Go where your audience is. If your market research shows that television is where your audience can be found, by all means, keep buying ads there.

But people are beginning to ditch cable television and utilize other streaming channels, including YouTube, for their entertainment. There is a good chance your ad spend there will provide a better ROI than television.

Going Live

Facebook and Instagram have the “live” feature that you’ve probably already dabbled in. Keep dabbling, because over the last 12 months, the time users spend on live video has quadrupled. This is definitely going to be a trend to follow in 2019.

You can use the live feature to promote new products, allow you to put a “face to a name” so your followers can feel more connected, provide instructional how-to videos or do an interview where you address important industry topics.

At SJC Marketing, we’re committed to assisting you with your video marketing so your brand engagement can see a significant boost. Check out our audio and video production and see what we can accomplish for your organization.

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