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Elevate Your Content With Drone Photography

Looking for new perspectives to tell a story? Use drone photography.

The rapid evolution of technology in photography has changed companies’ ability to showcase what they do. Professionals working today were once tied to bulky film cameras before easing into digital technology, and now mirrorless digital cameras are the norm. Drone photography has also grown immensely, providing perspectives that were once unthinkable. Even the smallest companies are taking advantage of drone photography.

Why Use Drone Photography?

Businesses that get the most engagement are those that stand out in the crowd. With the spectacular perspectives that drone photography provides, your content will offer something that catches the eye and compels users to spend more time with your content.

The images one can capture with drone photography might seem rather specific, but you can use these images in a variety of content, from websites to social media, blogs to newsletters, annual reports to trade show displays.

Real estate brokers quickly saw the value in using drones, as a way to give shoppers a more complete view of property, especially with estates where highlighting the surrounding land can be a way to entice buyers. An estimated 83% of realtors use drone photography. Sporting events have also embraced drones, as have the television and movie industries. More companies are taking some visual cues from them and using drone photography in their marketing content.

Growing Market

The global drone camera market size is projected to surpass $41,318 million, so it is clear that people have embraced drones and the value they bring. Drones can be used indoors and outdoors and are extremely versatile in the hands of someone with the skill to fly them.

If you’re in the market for elevating your content, contact us at SJC Marketing. Our drone-certified photographer has assisted companies in a variety of industries with amazing footage taken from our drone camera and we can work with you to provide you the same. Contact us and let’s talk about the possibilities.



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