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Common Mistakes Affecting Your Google Ads Conversions

You might be making one of these key mistakes, creating lackluster Google Ads conversions.

If your Google Ads conversions are just a bit short of amazing, if your return on investment is far below your goal and if you’re noticing that it’s a weak spot in your marketing strategy, it may be due to one of these common missteps:

Lack of Keyword Intent Depth: Google Ads is a little easier than some other platforms, because you aren’t just trying to catch the attention of a passive user. These users are on Google because they want to search for your product or service, but you need to get more serious about understanding the relationship between intent and keywords. Does your Ad really match with what your target audience is looking for on Google?

Your Ad Extensions Aren’t Strategic: Ad extensions are great, but they may not be helping your Google Ads conversions if they aren’t delivering a more convenient experience for your target audience. It’s kind of like keyword-stuffing, because it’s excessive without adding anything in terms of value. They need to add value and they need to be related to your ad.

Not Creating Single Ad Groups: Right now, you may be tagging 10 to 20 keywords onto your ad in hopes that when someone searches “red sleeveless ruffled shirt,” they’ll land on your ad  It may be beneficial to instead create a single ad group for “red sleeveless ruffled shirt” and go this route for your other colors of the same shirt, as well.

Your Landing Page Is Unmoored: It’s not good enough for your landing page to look sort of like your ad. In order to boost Google Ads conversions, your landing page needs identical messaging and visuals that relate directly to the offer of your ad. It needs to match in terms of keyword, messaging and expectation.

A lot of companies simply accept that conversion rates aren’t stellar for Google Ads.

There’s another option. Contact SJC Marketing, because in each of these instances, we know what to do to improve your conversions and get Google Ads working well for you. From smarter keyword strategies to a landing page that continues the messaging of your ad, SJC is ready to boost your conversions.

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