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Can Your Business Benefit From TikTok Marketing?

From increased brand awareness to developing more leads, TikTok marketing efforts really pay off.

There’s no doubt social media offers abundant opportunities for connecting with your target audience. TikTok marketing is a hot topic right now, but is it the right platform to market your business?

TikTok gives you the opportunity to create short-form content (videos) that could potentially reach a large audience. With roughly 50 million daily users in the U.S. alone, there are opportunities to enrich your brand.

Organizations benefiting the most are usually those with an audience aged 16 to 34, as this is the largest demographic of users on the site, but keep in mind that people of all ages are on this platform.

Strategic Adjustments

If you’ve already established a strategy for social media content, but have yet to plunge into TikTok, how would your current short-form video content fit in with what TikTok users expect?  For example, the average video on TikTok lasts only 15 seconds – can you make minor adjustments to fit in with the platform norms?

One of the perks users see with using TikTok is that the content isn’t meant to be pro-level production type of footage. Rather, the bulk of the content is considered “low production,” meaning it’s super authentic and low on the glitz meter. But that doesn’t mean the content is haphazardly thrown together – far from it. You need to carefully map out your goals for impacting your audience and build your content specifically around that.

Reaping the Rewards

You can use TikTok marketing to hit your business goals, as the following are some of the top perks users have experienced:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Faster reach
  • Brand identity enhancements
  • Build on user-generated content
  • Work with influencers to improve reach
  • Budget friendly
  • Grow conversions
  • Educate target audience
  • Target future customers
  • Increased website clicks

You might experience a completely different set of benefits after using TikTok for your marketing purposes, which is another reason this platform is so valuable to organizations across many industries.

Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your target audience – outsource your creative needs to SJC Marketing. Nailing the video content for each platform takes an expert’s touch and it’s something we do for clients on a regular basis. Contact us and let’s start working toward a strategy that will get your brand in front of more potential customers.

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