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A Little Monday Morning Coffee Discussion About First Dates

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Imagine you’re going on a first date. You wear your go-to outfit that makes you look amazing, but sends a clear message that you’re not trying too hard. You’ve got breath mints in your pocket and a mental list of topics in case conversation is a little rough.

You walk into the restaurant, spot your date and allow yourself a tiny victory moment as you notice that, yes, they are just as good-looking as you’d hoped. So far, so good.

And then…before the drinks are delivered it’s already clear: your date is here to tell you how awesome they are. By the time you’re choosing entrees, you’re wondering how that big head even fit through the door. You already know what they majored in, what their hobbies are and what their current job is, along with every accompanying accolade they’ve received in each category.

You barely make it through the evening, but then before you walk to your car, your date says to you, “So, I’ll call you tomorrow?” You’re baffled; how could they even know they want to call you?

It’s easy to see how awful your date’s behavior is, but this scenario plays out in stunning similarity in a lot of marketing campaigns. In blogs, social media posts and email newsletters, companies often make the mistake of telling their leads how awesome they are.

Don’t be the marketing equivalent of a bad first date. Instead, take a few cues from what you remember as your best first date ever:

  • Listen. If you want to see your date (or a potential lead) again, it’s helpful to know what is important to them. On a date, it might be finding out about hobbies or their career. In marketing, you want to know what problems they’re trying to solve or what their needs might be.
  • Add Value. This means you’re not talking at all about your product or yourself; you’re talking about topics that solve a problem, answer a question or discuss important issues in the industry.
  • Take Your Time. Leave the engagement ring at home. Or in the case of marketing, don’t ask for their business too early in the buy cycle. Ask them to subscribe to your enewsletter, to check out an infographic or contact you for more information. You’re building a relationship and building credibility.

If you like smart marketing strategies that help you build long, meaningful relationships with loyal customers, you can contact us at SJC Marketing. Don’t worry; it’s just a consultation. We won’t propose marriage.

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