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6 Important Facebook Marketing Stats to Guide Your Social Media Strategy

Social media trends continually evolve, here is a look at what’s happening in 2019.

2019 Social Media Trends

Social media trends change often, but as they do, you need to approach your Facebook marketing strategy in such a way that you can evolve and go with the flow, yet stay ahead of the curve.

Take a look at some statistics about Facebook to see how you should be making your next moves in 2019.

1. Most Facebook users are viewing the site via mobile devices. That means your site must be mobile friendly so your target audience gets the most out of your pages. If you haven’t optimized, it’s time.

2. Keep your posts short. Did you know you can get nearly 25% more interaction with shorter posts? Ditch your lengthy posts and streamline your content.

3. The majority of your Facebook followers will become frustrated when encountering a video where the sound auto-plays. Be aware of things like this that cause followers to dis-engage with your posts.

4. Don’t forget subtitles. With your ads’ sound automatically set to off, you’ll need subtitles to make sure they get the important message you are conveying in your ads.

5. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Almost 40% of users are keeping up with business pages on Facebook so they don’t miss out on special offers. Keep the offers coming and see your “likes” increase.

6. Facebook users have preferences when it comes to the length of ad titles, and it’s four words. Choose those words wisely, but keep in mind that your link descriptions can include up to 15 words, which is also a preference among users.

Facebook marketing changes often, which is why it’s smart to partner with people who make it their job to keep up with social media trends. At SJC Marketing, we’re that partner. Let’s talk today and figure out which direction you need to take your Facebook marketing campaign. Contact us and let’s get the ball rolling.

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