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6 Common Mistakes in Video Marketing

Video marketing should always begin with a clear goal and a way to measure success.

Google research shows that 55% of consumers consult a video before making a purchase. And marketers improve their leads by 66% when they use video marketing as part of their strategy. So how can you effectively use this tool to see the best return on investment (ROI)?

If you want to see strong results with your video marketing avoid these six most common mistakes many companies make:

Not Having a Goal: It’s important to know what you’re trying to accomplish with each video and let that shape the type of video you create. You’re always trying to add value to your audience, but what would you like them to do as a result? If you want to move a new product, you may want to try an unboxing video. If you’re trying to build trust and brand awareness, a simple how-to video might be a good idea.

Winging It: Videos are a great place to introduce authenticity into your strategy, but there’s a risk of being too authentic. A video filled with “um” and “let’s see” may make you seem unprepared. Have a simple outline or script to guide your video and do a quick run-through before you turn on the cameras.

Selling: Everyone knows your goal is to sell, but it’s easy to alienate your audience if that seems to be the sole focus of your video. Organize your video around helping them and providing value and let the sales come as a result of their trust and interest in your brand.

Forgetting Your CTA: A call to action (CTA) tells your audience what they should do next. It may be a simple request to follow you on social media or a place where they can click to watch your other videos. Your goal or objective for your video should determine your CTA.

Ignoring SEO: Your video marketing can have a significant impact on your search engine optimization (SEO) if you are strategic about including keywords, producing new videos regularly and posting them on social media. Search engines prioritize sites with new videos and those with solid keyword strategies, so utilize SEO for your videos.

Inconsistency: If your brand identity is zany and fun, don’t make videos that are stodgy and dull. If your color scheme is all pastel and white, with a focus on relaxing textures, don’t film in your warehouse. Think about how your brand is experienced in your video marketing and plan around that look and feel.

Introducing a video marketing strategy is a great way to add depth and fun to your brand. We can help with some ideas to help you get started, or even better, turn the whole process over to us and sit back and enjoy the results!

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