5 Critical Elements of Logo Design

Your logo design is just one element of your branding, but it carries a lot of the weight when it comes to recognizability and communicating what you’re all about. We designed a new logo for FSB, a community bank, that helped them see a great return on their marketing investment that you really need to read about.  How can you see some of these same results and capture the values and messaging of your brand in a logo? Take a look at five important elements that you need to create a memorable, yet classic logo:

Color: Choosing a color scheme for your logo and branding will encourage you to think about what emotions you want to evoke in your audience. You’ll want to consistently use your colors across every branding element, from your website to your business cards, so think through this decision carefully. If your brand was a person, what colors would they wear?

Shape: Feel free to get beyond the world of triangles, hexagons and circles. Maybe you’re more of a swoop or a splatter type of company, or even a fading dash. There are a lot of shapes to consider, but they should communicate something about your company. For instance, including a bullseye in the logo of a certain marketing company you know and love helps communicate that in a field where a lot of creativity comes in handy, there’s also a precision to the art.

Typography: Fonts communicate a wealth of information. Is your brand slanted with an edge, or are you communicating elegance with a scripted font? Taking time to determine the right font can feel tedious, but your audience picks up on subtleties about who you are.

Negative space and accidental shapes: Don’t forget that the space around graphics and font creates certain shapes and energy as well. For instance, if interlocking circles coincidentally make an eight, your audience may wonder what the number eight has to do with your brand. Consider how white space around your logo design might appear on a billboard and also on a business card.

Scalability: You love the mock-ups of your logo when you see them on your laptop screen, but what happens when they appear on a promotional banner, stretched across the side of a building? Does it hold up well when it’s printed on a business card or stitched onto a polo shirt? Make sure you consider all the ways you’ll use your logo and how it will scale for different formats.

Want to talk more about logos? We have the latest logo design tools to create the look that screams “You!” but even better, we have an experienced design team that will deliver a logo that’s all your own. Contact us at SJC Marketing today.