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4 Steps to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram marketing isn’t just for highly-visual brands anymore. Jump in for some fun ways to showcase your brand.

Instagram has been a fast-growing and ever-changing social media platform. It used to be favored by visually-aesthetic brands, but companies are becoming more creative in using it to showcase a wide range of products and services.

If your Instagram marketing approach is feeling a few months out of date, or if you have never quite gotten a grasp of how to use it strategically, here are four steps to implement for better results:

Choose Wisely for Feed Posts: Video gets a lot of attention, but the images you post are important for communicating who you are, what you do and who your product or service is designed for. Your best bet for your feed posts is to post often and post things that capture your brand messaging. Choose a carousel so that you can include up to ten images in a single post.

Use Stories to Get Closer: Instagram marketing gets more personal with Instagram Stories, which appear at the top of your follower’s screen before their feed. These are being seen by those that are already your fans, so they tend to have a stronger impact than other types of post. And with the right CTA, they can lead to better engagement. One in five Stories results in a direct message.

Be sure to stagger when you post your Stories; since they disappear after 24 hours, you want to be sure they don’t all slip away at once.

Get Permanence With Highlights: When you save a Stories post to your Highlights album, you extend the life of your post. This is a great place to keep how-to content or FAQs that you may want to invite anyone new to your product or service to check out. But clear out your Highlights album often; when your content becomes dated it can make your whole brand seem out of touch.

Have More Fun With Reels: Instagram Reels invites the same kinds of fun and stunts you see on TikTok and YouTube. This is a great place to invite your followers to participate in a physical challenge or show off something exciting that happened in your workplace. Be sure to track which types of Reels posts attract the most engagement to help shape your future antics.

Instagram marketing is a dynamic part of any social media strategy, and SJC Marketing helps you develop posts and content that drive engagement.

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