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4 Reasons It’s Time to Invest in Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing equips you to easily integrate shopping features right into your ad.

If you’ve been slow to jump in on Instagram marketing, it may be because you assumed it was mostly for brands with a highly image-associated product, like fashion accessories or fitness equipment. But if you work in an industry like accounting or consulting, it may be hard to see how a service-based company could benefit from something so visual.

Yes, Instagram started out as the world of the visual industries, but now companies like yours are using it to promote their brand—even those that specialize in services.

Here are four key reasons why you should explore Instagram marketing:

Instagram Wears a Tiny Crown: Did you know that when it comes to engagement, Instagram is the reigning king? It has a 4.21% engagement rate, which doesn’t sound all that impressive until you see what the other guys are pulling in. Facebook and Twitter combined can’t crack higher than .10%. Instagram pulls off 58 times the engagement per follower than Facebook.

Instagram Knows How to Rubberneck: Because it’s closely connected to Facebook, mining data for target audiences, as well as budgeting tools and setup of ads are all conducted through Facebook. Cheating, collaborating…call it what you want. It works.

Instagram Pulls Off What Others Can’t: Instagram ads are non-invasive, so the platform makes your brand just that much cooler. You’re less likely to annoy your target audience with Instagram marketing.

Instagram Has it in the Bag: When you run Instagram ads, you can easily integrate Shopify features and allow your followers to simply click a button to see product pages or an option to schedule an appointment. Stop putting your social media followers through endless hoops and just sell them something, already.

If you’re in a service industry and you’re just not sure what Instagram marketing looks like for your brand, talk to us at SJC Marketing. We have ideas that help your brand look your best, whether that’s with a humorous post or helpful information that drives new engagement. Trust us, it really is in the bag.

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