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3 Tips on Podcasting to Make Sure You Are Heard

Tips on podcasting include getting the right gear and crafting excellent questions.

Converting new leads, gaining new customers and attracting that new group of loyal followers is something all small businesses strive to do. Fortunately, that’s exactly what a high-quality podcast can achieve. Check out our tips on podcasting and see where it can take your marketing. And if you want a great podcast with lots of tips and tricks, check out ours!

1. Offer a Unique Viewpoint

What can you offer that other podcasters in your industry can’t? Some of the best tips on podcasting you’ll ever get include listening to what they’re doing and discovering what could be valuable to copy, then you need to find your own unique take on what you can offer and craft your content around that.

It’s at this time that you can decide the goals you want to reach with your podcast. This can help you establish what your content will look like. Also, make sure can you come up with enough unique content to consistently produce regular podcasts?

2. Interview Well

Bringing guests onto your podcast is a great idea, but there has to be good back and forth if your listeners are going to stay tuned in. Come up with many questions before the recording, and make sure the questions require more than a “yes” or a “no” from your guest.

3. Edit Wisely

There are many audio editing programs out there that can enhance the sound of your podcast and allow you to edit out mistakes, interruptions and content you might not want to include, so find the one that you’re most comfortable with and carefully edit your recordings.

If you’re a Mac user, GarageBand comes standard (free) and is user-friendly. Adobe Audition is also a popular format for podcasters, but it comes with a cost and takes a little more time to learn how to master, but it has more bells and whistles.

Some of your questions won’t elicit the answers you thought they would, so use your editing software to cut the boring stuff and keep the content exciting.

To hit the ground running, partner with professionals who can turn your podcast ideas into a reality. That’s what we can do at SJC Marketing, so contact us and let’s talk about your podcasting goals.

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