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3 Things You Should Know About Creating Videos for Social Media

Creating videos for social media doesn’t require expensive equipment; a smartphone will do great to start.

If you haven’t jumped in on the video trend on your social platforms, the time is now because this is one trend that is only growing as a key part of marketing growth for companies across industries. Or maybe creating videos for social media is part of your strategy, but you’re not sure if there are more opportunities there, here are a few insights:

No Major Investment Required: If someone on your staff has a smartphone and you can spring for a small tripod, you’ll have all the equipment you need to begin your video campaign. Sure, editing software and quality video equipment would give you stronger videos, but it’s not necessary to get started on videos for social media.

Get a Conversational Mindset: You’re not recording a lecture, or even a quick speech. Go into your video with the idea that you’re just trying to begin a conversation. Some great formats for creating videos for social media include behind-the-scenes tours or how-to videos. Unboxing a new product line in a video or hosting a live question-and-answer session are also fun ideas to grab the attention of your audience.

Make it Personal: This is a good time to create content specifically for a single buyer persona. Imagine that person and create a short video tailored to their needs or wants. You should think about the type of emotional connection you’d like to form through your video: are you funny, or do you want to connect over an aspiration or a longing for security/achievement/friendships?

Remember that content is always, always about your audience and adding value for them, not about your product or service and how great it is. Think about how to solve a challenge or problem for your audience and you’ll start to build a reputation as a trustworthy expert in your industry.

If creating videos for social media doesn’t get your blood pumping in the morning, no worries. At SJC Marketing, we have a lot of fun behind the camera, making your brand shine on social media.

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