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3 Social Media Analytics That Are Key for You to Track

Your marketing strategy should be guided by the analytics of previous campaigns.

How Analytics Shape Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

It’s not enough to carefully plan your social media posts complete with the perfect photos or videos to reach your audience. To truly test how your marketing strategy is working, you need to pay attention to some key social media analytics. But which analytics are the most important?

Get Engaged

You build content with the intent of impacting your following on social media, but you’re also hoping it’s so good that your followers will begin sharing it with others. Social media analytics that will assist you in tracking this involve engagement and mentions.

When you track engagement, you’re looking at how many clicks you’re getting, who is sharing and how often, but you’re also looking at comments, including addressing customer concerns, which has a lot of value in terms of maintaining good relations and improving loyalty to your brand.

When carefully tracked, you will find that likes and shares become a standard for what’s hitting home with your target audience and what’s falling flat. For example, let’s say you craft a post and you suddenly get a massive influx of shares, comments and likes. Look at that post and see what you did differently to cause this to happen and repeat.

What’s Your Reach?

How deeply is your message penetrating? In other words, how many unique users are interacting with your social media posts? How you track this might differ per each channel you use, but don’t confuse reach with impressions.

Impressions are important, too, but when you track reach, you’re looking to expand your audience by making a brand impact on new people. Look at periods of time where you’re experiencing peaks and see what’s driving that. Also, look at the valleys to see if there is a correlation to your outreach.

Are You Converting?

By using Google analytics, you can see which social media sites are pulling the most traffic to your website. This will indicate that you are either doing a better job with content on the most productive sites, or your target audience lurks there more than other sites.

Some marketing strategy experts will tell you it’s all about the “clicks,” and they’ve got a point because when your content entices a user to click away from their social media site and to your page, you’re doing something right.

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