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3 Reasons a Local Focus is Good for Your Marketing Strategy

If your marketing strategy includes goals for national sales, it’s best to start with regional growth.

Dream big. Go big or go home. Bigger is better. And everyone knows that bigger is the American way. Big houses, big cars, big paychecks. It’s what we want. But what if, in the 21st century, bigger isn’t always better? What if starting small, local and close-to-home is infinitely better? And how does that affect your marketing strategy?

Here are three reasons local marketing could be key for your business:

Marketing to a Nationwide Audience is Complex and Costly. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go for it, but you need to factor in costs for expenses like retargeting ads, understanding market segmentation across the country, competing nationwide with search engine optimization (SEO) and social media strategies.

A nationwide digital marketing effort is not something you want to attempt without some expertise from experienced marketing professionals with special training in areas like analytics, marketing automation and SEO.

Being Local is a Differentiator: You may think you’re small-town, but that may be exactly what your customers love about you. Many companies build thriving businesses on simple familiarity, focusing on how great it feels to do business with someone who remembers you and lives and works where you do. You share a common history and local traditions.

Online commerce is convenient and fast, but don’t discount the convenience you offer. Maybe you’re a candy shop that keeps cards and gift wrap handy so you become everyone’s go-to merchant when they need a last-minute gift for teachers, a bridal shower or a birthday party.

Think Regional Before Nationwide: Sometimes it makes sense to cast a bit of a wider net. Your town may be so small that you don’t have much choice but to market to a broader region. And that is a great idea. Once you’re well-known in your region, you may find that your name naturally comes up more frequently across your area and then begins to be known in adjacent regions. Letting this happen organically can make it easier to expand to bigger geographies.

Our team is experienced in local marketing and would love to help you set up a strategy tailored for your business!

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