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3 Key Email Marketing Tips for 2021

Automated email marketing is effective at converting customers who have been recent visitors to your site.

Even in an age where social media makes a lot of noise, email marketing remains a valuable way to connect with your audience. Email is the second best-performing content distribution tool for both B2B and B2C companies.

Even so, not all email marketing is effective. Here are three techniques you should be including for a successful strategy in 2021:

Get Conversational: You don’t want your emails to have a sales-y tone. Instead, your email marketing should read like a good friend, sharing an inside scoop: “That scent you love now comes in a body spray!” You need to show that you know what they like, that you care that they like it and that you’ve heard their preferences.

Sometimes your emails shouldn’t even be about your product at all. It might be inviting them to participate in an Instagram contest that’s all fun or to let them know about a special event happening at the charity you partner with.

Show Empathy: Sure, 2020 is over, but as everyone begins to emerge, many have been through difficult times. Whether they’ve lost a loved one to COVID-19 or they simply feel a bit scarred by the experience, it’s a good time for brands to embrace a little empathy.

This doesn’t mean that every e-newsletter has to be focused on these topics; it’s more that your communications are authentic and genuine, and not overly focused on self-promotion.

Automate for Conversions: Those “you forgot something in your cart” emails accounted for only 2% of all emails in 2020, but they get credit for 29% of orders resulting from email marketing. Setting up an automatic email that thanks customers for their order, a follow-up on a product they browsed or a reminder that they were this close to owning a desired item can be powerful ways to encourage them to make a purchase.

Email is a great way to effectively communicate your brand message while connecting with your audience in a meaningful way. Our team at SJC Marketing is ready to talk more about your email marketing strategy.

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