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Web Design Trends for 2022

Your web design should include some elements other than text. Consider a GIF and some images or video.

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your website, you may be wondering what new web design trends are shaping how companies present themselves online. There are some key elements to focus on, along with a little fun thrown in:

Mobile Optimization: It’s been a long time since mobile overtook desktop Internet use (it’s been over five years), so if you haven’t made your site easy for smartphone use, this should be at the top of your list. That means the ability to easily access menus, scroll through your site and fill out forms without having to enlarge or otherwise adjust the screen to use your site on a mobile device.

Loading Speed: Invite a friend to visit your site and ask them to report how long it took to load. Anything more than a second or two, and you’re probably losing visitors. You may not think this is that big of a deal, but if your potential customer knows that your competitor’s site loads fast and is easy to use, they’ll head there first.

Embrace Simplicity: Don’t make the mistake of creating a site with so much going on that your visitors are overwhelmed. Before you plan your redesign, think about what the goal of your website is and what you want visitors to do there. This will make it easier to prioritize how you’ll place menus and other elements.

Incorporate Visual Elements: A web design that only includes menus, logos and text won’t keep the attention of visitors for long. It would also be valuable to include a video on your home page to introduce your brand or share about your current promotion.

Prioritize SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) should be a key part of your web design planning. Including keywords in your design, plus adding visual elements and the effective use of white space will all contribute to how your site ranks on search engines.

Have Some Fun: There are a lot of web design rules that have to be followed, but there’s also room for a little personality and fun. Include a GIF or user-generated content to help your visitors connect with your brand and your site.

Planning your web design requires a lot of considerations, but it gets a lot easier when you work with SJC Marketing. With our in-house team of web designers, graphic design and content writers, you can have a new design that includes all the latest trends in no time!

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