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Thinking About New Year’s Resolutions While We Sip Our Monday Morning Coffee

Enjoy some Monday morning coffee with some local farmers and a peek into the agriculture industry.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions. Studies show that about 60% of people make them and only 8% achieve them. And with the year we’ve had, many just want to get to a new year and leave 2020 behind. But maybe we need to look ahead to bigger and better things. Account manager Jessica Stewart shares some great alternatives to consider.

Create a bucket list. I have a bucket list but haven’t looked at in a while. Of course, traveling is on it and I don’t know when I can cross that off but there are other things that I can strive to accomplish in 2021. Maybe I’ll trying singing lessons or improve my Spanish. What would be on your bucket list?

Develop a Mantra. Is 2021 the year you want to save more money? Your mantra could be “buy only what you need.” Maybe self-care is at the top of your list. Your mantra could be “I’m worthy of good things.”

Take a 30-day challenge. I’ve done these before. They are usually fitness related, but who doesn’t need to get in better shape and with more time at home you can exercise in the privacy of your own home. There are even apps for that or you can browse Pinterest for ideas. It could be a 30-day de-clutter. Who couldn’t get rid of a few things at home? If you’re really motivated, you could do new challenge each month. What challenge do you think you could do for a month?

Keep a grateful journal. Some people do this during the month of November. They share on social media one thing they are thankful for everyday of the month. Why not try that for a whole year? It could as simple as “I’m thankful that the sun is shining,” or “I’m thankful for my dog.” Could you be thankful for one thing every day?

We all need something to look forward too. Here’s to 2021 and making it your own!

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