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Personalizing Your Digital Marketing Content Hits Home With Consumers

Use data to inform you on your target audience and improve your digital marketing outreach.

Most marketers strive to personalize their content so it is more impactful and produces results. And while digital marketing might seem like a poor medium to deliver personalized content, if you’ve done your research on your target audience, you can easily personalize your content to them.

It might come as a surprise that in areas where you wouldn’t think a personalized approach would be important, it actually is. For example, eMoney recently published a survey about financial advisers and what their clients value about them. Sixty-three percent of the participants said advisors who offer a personalized approach in their digital marketing made them stand out among the competition.

It is easy to establish the importance of digital marketing and that a personalized approach really works, but how can you boost your personalization in your content? Let’s look at some areas that work:

Use Data to Study Your Target Audience

Data is your best friend because it gives you information about the people you’re reaching out to, which means you’ll know more about how to personalize a message that speaks to them directly.

The research you get from your data should allow you to create buyer personas. This means that rather than just being another number, your target audience takes on a persona that you can address in the most appropriate ways.

The deeper you  dive into data, the more able you are to create segments in your audience, which means you go from a generalized idea of your target audience, then start breaking them down into smaller and smaller groups. This is what leads to truly personalizing your content.

Targeted Email Content

There is a lot of data out there showing that email is a valuable tool in delivering quality content. For example, did you know email conversions are almost 40 times the rate you’ll get on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter? But it works best if you’re personalizing your messages.

For example, according to analytics from Jupiter Research, you can send email after email to current customers, but if you’re blindly sending them content, you could miss out on reaching the very customers you want to connect with. Relevant email content drives 18 times more revenue than broadcast email.

Again, you need to dive into your data on your clients to make sure you’re familiar with their interactions with your brand. If they have a pattern of purchasing a specific product or service from you, what else do you offer that would complement their purchase/peak their interests?

If your digital marketing content seems impersonal, getting expert assistance from an outside source can help to put you on the right path. At SJC Marketing, we provide services that can help your marketing efforts in many ways, including developing a more personalized approach. Let’s begin the transformation today.

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