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The Role of Social Media Interaction in Customer Acquisition

Being more responsive in your social media can help you reach your customer acquisition goals.

Did you know 80% of customers expect a response to their queries on social media channels within 24 hours? And 40% of those expecting a response say they want their response within an hour. Are they asking too much? And you may wonder how you could have one or more people in charge of keeping close tabs on social media at all times. Most small companies don’t, so if you’re not answering customer questions in a timely manner you’re not alone, but it is important to prioritize responsiveness to your potential customers.

Making a Good Impression

Responsiveness builds trust, and trust is integral in meeting customer expectations. When you respond to your followers on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, it helps you establish credibility. Facebook has a feature that rewards you for being responsive by displaying a “very responsive badge” next to the “send message” icon, but you have to stay on top of your interactions to earn this perk.

Keep tabs on your response times on Facebook by checking your metrics in the business suite. Open the messaging tab and go to the insights panel and you’ll see your response time and the response rate. Use these as milestones and set goals to improve them.

Better Responses = Increased Conversions

Replying to messages is crucial in building relationships with consumers, but did you know roughly 80% of leads buy from companies that respond to their first message? Some of these people are in buying mode when they send out inquiries, so the faster you respond, the better chance you have of them buying from you.

Here’s another stat to consider: When companies are able to respond to a customer inquiry within five minutes, they are 100 times more likely to make a sale. Converting leads is a top priority and simply being more responsive can help you with that goal.

At SJC Marketing, we know the importance social media has in impressing consumers today. Need assistance with your social media strategy? Let us help. Contact us and find out how we can help you build better relationships.

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