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Sip Your “Perfect Fit” Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

You know it when you’ve found it. It’s dark roast, just how you like it. It’s exactly the right amount of cream. It’s the notes of caramel hinting around the edge of the taste, making you wonder if it’s possible that there’s a touch of sugar somewhere in your brew. You try to hold back, but a tiny “mmmm” after the first sip is inevitable.

It’s soon your usual. You know which barista makes it best, and you know that you and this particular coffee are a perfect fit.

Have you got a good craving going now? Don’t go scrambling for your keys just yet. Your barista will be there, and you won’t want to miss this: SJC Marketing and Encore Visions have just made a perfect fit that rivals that of any coffee lover and their favorite cup.

Let’s not take the analogy too far. (I mean, who gets to be that delicious coffee?) But like you can spot that perfect coffee blend, SJC Marketing knew the fit was just right when they purchased Encore Visions and began to serve their customers.

What makes such a great fit between SJC Marketing and the customers of Encore Visions is SJC’s unique experience serving the needs of small businesses, with a special focus on agriculture. Not only have marketing specialists at the company worked to create and execute comprehensive marketing strategies for those in the agriculture industry, there’s also a personal connection.

Many of the employees at SJC Marketing either come from or have married into multi-generational farming families. In fact, founder and president Susan J. Campbell is married to a farmer.

SJC Marketing plans to continue to offer the same excellent service that customers have enjoyed with Encore Visions. In addition, SJC offers a full range of marketing services that will expand the reach that these companies have in their target markets.

From in-house graphic and web designers to social media specialists, marketing specialists and writers, the SJC team is equipped to provide digital and traditional marketing strategies.

SJC is excited to be working with Encore Visions’ former customers, and are enjoying building new business relationships with contacts at each site. They look forward to partnering with these companies in the future to help them further define and grow their brands.

If you’re looking for new ways to market your business, or if you’re just dying for a good cup of coffee, we’ve got both! We’ll get some coffee brewing and you can tell us just how much cream makes your cup just right. Then we’ll do the same for your marketing strategy. Contact us today to get started.

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