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Ready to Increase Your Organic Reach With Facebook Marketing?

Get more organic interaction with key Facebook marketing tactics.

Increasing organic reach with your Facebook marketing has become more challenging for businesses in every industry. Though it might seem that paying to get more eyes on your content on Facebook is the only way to succeed, there are still ways you can improve your organic reach.

First and foremost, think of your Facebook account as a community. To grow that community, you have to provide something of value. Having a space where ideas can be shared among like-minded folks is key. Your target audience should think of your page as a place where they can engage with others in a way they can’t elsewhere. This makes your Facebook page unique and a destination.

Strength in Numbers

While paying to boost a post can help you reach many more people than a normal post can, nothing is as powerful with consumers as the content put out by influencers. According to a study by MuseFind, a company that has earned the reputation as a thought-leader in influencer marketing, 92% of consumers said they trust influencers more than an ad or celebrity endorsement. Bringing in a guest blogger that has thought -leader power is going to turn heads for you.

Post at the Right Time

To avoid coming off too spammy, you don’t want to post multiple times a day. In fact, your older audience, particularly Baby Boomers, are quick to unfollow when they feel like they’re being pelted with posts. According to Sprout Social, the best time to post on Facebook is Wednesday between 11 a.m. and 1 to 2 p.m. The worst day to post, according to their research, is Sunday.  This can vary by industry and the target audience you are trying to reach though, so take the time to analyze what works best for you.

Start a Contest

Who doesn’t like free stuff? You can gain more engagement by doing something fun, like starting a contest where you have giveaways available. Just make sure what you’re giving away is brand-related. Also, use the contest to get your followers to comment, which helps to show the Facebook news feed algorithm that you’ve got some positive things going on, which can improve your reach.

Become Verified

You want to be a thought-leader in your industry and you want to convey that you are a trusted source. Becoming verified can help you build that confidence with consumers. That blue verified badge stands out to potential customers. It also helps your page rank above competitors that aren’t verified, thereby giving you more reach.

Are you ready to increase your reach and grow your audience on Facebook? Our team can’t wait to help you get started.

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