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Monday Morning Coffee With Mom

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

On Sunday, May 10th, we take a day to celebrate special women in our lives, our mothers. Mothers take many forms; new moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, single moms, stepmoms, adoptive moms and surrogate moms. And we think all moms are superheroes (maybe in t-shirts and sweatpants).

However, with an extended stay-at-home order, it may be hard to celebrate mom the way that we normally would want to celebrate any of the special women in our lives. So, our team has come up with a few creative ways to celebrate mom on her special day.

Lunch With Mom

Many are used to the idea of having lunch with their moms on Mother’s Day. There may even be an unwritten rule about it. But with the shelter-in-place order, while protecting and keeping us safe, if you are grown and don’t live with your mom, this makes it a difficult task. However, you can make lunch or have lunch delivered to mom’s door and video chat with her while you are having lunch in order to spend quality time with mom on her day.

If you have a big family that wants to get involved, you could plan a progressive curb-side dinner for mom. This is where each family provides a part of a special meal for mom. Maybe one family provides appetizers, the next does the main dish, someone else brings sides and then another provides dessert.

Mother’s Day Curb Appeal

If there is one gift that never goes out of style, it is a nice Mother’s Day card. The sweet sentiments and hand-written notes, full of love are a touching way to thank your mom for, well…being your mom. But if you want to make sure everyone knows how much your mom is loved, you can hire a “card your yard” service to spell a special message for mom right in front of the house.

If you are gifted artistically, maybe you can spell out a special message in chalk on the sidewalk or driveway, letting the world know how much you love your mom.

And if mom is looking for ways to spruce up the landscaping in front of the house, you can help by bringing some flowers over to plant or buy a nice flower basket to hang outside of her house.

Make Something Special for Mom

One thing you can do (Dads pay attention to this one) is make something special for mom or grandma. Since you have been doing school at home, this is a perfect time to incorporate arts and crafts time into the curriculum.

Have your kids make a special card or craft for mom and grandma. Nothing is better than homemade drawings or artwork that was created especially by the people that you love the most. Or have the kids sing a special song to mom or grandma over a video chat.

Take Care of It

A big gesture that you can do for mom to celebrate her is to take care of things that are always on her list. It may not be easy to accomplish some of these things, but the work that it takes will definitely show mom how much you value and appreciate her.

Mom might need to do some grocery shopping. Take care of it for her. Get her shopping list and shop for her or have the groceries delivered to her home. Or maybe she needs her lawn mown. You can take a lawn mower over and take care of that for her or pay for someone to do it. You get the idea.

Maybe mom just needs a day of relaxation. You can throw a basket of goodies together like a book or a movie, wine, some comfy socks and her favorite candy. You can also drop in a gift certificate she can use online shopping or something she can use in the future. Drop off the basket to her on her doorstep.

There are a million ways to let mom know that she is loved. We hope that these few things can help spark some creative ideas for you.

To all of the mothers out there, we hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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