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Mobile Accessibility Is More Important than Ever

From increased sales to better SEO results, mobile accessibility improvements give your brand the edge.

Smartphones are present in about 84% of households. The bulk of Internet traffic occurs on mobile devices, and with around 4.3 billion active mobile Internet users around the globe, brands that make their content available and have optimized their content for mobile accessibility have a better chance of engaging with more consumers.

Barriers to Conversion

Unfortunately, many websites are not mobile-friendly. Usability difficulties bar consumers from completing a purchase. The following are some of the most common reasons why the user experience is negative:

  • Security issues
  • Difficulty inputting information
  • Poor visuals
  • Inability to browse multiple screens
  • Navigation challenges

Mobile accessibility issues can damage a brand’s image. Success stories come from organizations that ask themselves important questions while developing content and building their mobile sites. For example, does the content work in different aspect ratios? Are the color contrast ratios correct? Are there magnifiers available for zooming in on important images?

Mobile Engagement Perks

Increased sales are among the top-cited perks for attaining mobile accessibility. It’s estimated that mobile-friendly sites make it nearly 70% more likely for consumers to make a purchase.

SEO rankings are also a benefit. Google ranks mobile-friendliness as one of the most important factors in its algorithm.

Consumers are aware of the time they are forced to wait for slow-loading pages. A mobile-optimized site has fast load speeds and can keep potential customers interested rather than forcing them to click off to a different site.

Your business becomes more competitive when your website is optimized for mobile, because with only around 25% of websites being mobile friendly, you stand to gain a competitive advantage when you optimize yours.

Need help optimizing your site? Our team at SJC Marketing is ready to get started. From optimizing to updating, creating engaging content and mapping out the flow of your site, our team is ready to assist your organization. Contact us and let’s talk about our custom approach to building a strategy for your brand.

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