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Increasing Brand Awareness With Smart SEO Strategies

Want to capture those leads? You need an SEO strategy built to drive traffic.

For companies of all sizes, figuring out how to increase brand awareness through search engine optimization (SEO) represents a way to edge out the competition, sustain online relevance and gain market share.

On every Google search results page, there are top spots for brands to fight over, with all of them elbowing one another on their way to the highest ranking. When competition heats up, do you know how to get in that final jab and nose your way to the surface? A few simple SEO strategies can help you capitalize on search and drive more leads to your site.

SEO is a vast topic, and algorithms change often, so if you’re not more than vaguely familiar with how SEO works, here are some basics:

New Content: Regularly posting new content is one of the crucial ways you can increase engagement on your website. If you’re not sure how to get started, creating a weekly blog is a great first step. Posting high-quality blogs with information relevant to your audience will help users find your company and then stick around for more content.

Social Media: Social media users are engaging with businesses online via platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, so it’s a good idea to find out where your target audience spends time and then attempt to engage with them on that platform. Always post content consistent with your brand “personality” and use posts, polls and questions to invite your followers to engage. Include a link to your website to encourage them to pay a visit and get to know you.

Refine and Revise: Your SEO strategies should never be left unattended. Watch your organic search results and see how your ranking is stacking up against your competitors. Adjust keywords, check to see if your landing pages are effectively designed and revise your social media techniques to increase engagement.

There’s a lot you can do to bump your SEO ranking higher and increase brand awareness, but it requires attention. You should always be checking your SEO strategies against reliable metrics that help you determine whether your efforts to boost your brand are effective.

SJC Marketing can help you achieve your brand awareness goals through SEO strategies.

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