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Enjoy Your Monday Morning Coffee and Let’s Talk About How Great You Are

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

Are you one of those people that freezes up when people give you a compliment? Maybe you find it necessary to share how little you paid for the skirt someone just admired. Instead of simply saying, “thank you,” you might start mumbling about your leave-in conditioner when someone says your hair looks nice. It’s so awkward, right?

It sometimes seems even more awkward on social media, because the compliment is being delivered in front of a larger audience. There are a lot of resources out there for handling the minefield that can be social media complaints, but in a lot of situations, successfully handling a compliment is important too. How do you graciously respond?

Many companies simply don’t have a strategy for when the reviews are more complimentary. Here are a few ways you can approach a compliment:

Say “thank you.” Did you hear that in your mom’s voice? You’ve known this since your toddler days, so go back to the basics. If you do nothing else, stop for a quick second to simply acknowledge that a customer took a moment to mention your great service or your quality product.

Start a conversation. Ask them for more information about what they liked. Tell them you appreciate the time they took to mention your company, and that you’d like to know what would make their experience even better in the future.

If you ask the right questions, you might engage more customers. Try to think about phrasing your comments and questions in ways that are inclusive and inviting.

Spread the word. Don’t you love to read about it when one of your business partners or your customer does something great? People want to know that you’ve done something worth a compliment, too. Re-post, retweet or share wherever you anticipate that your good news might be good news to others.

Short on time? Like it! If you simply don’t have the resources to respond to all of your positive press (lucky you!) at least take a moment to like the post.

It’s important to make the most of it when you receive positive feedback on social media. Handle it with a little panache and you might turn an isolated positive experience into something more: a loyal customer and maybe even a brand advocate.

Contact us today at SJC Marketing to learn more about handling the positive side of social media. It’s a tough job being awesome, but someone’s got to do it.

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