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Boost Consumer Engagement With Video Marketing

Video marketing can help you engage audiences at the emotional level.

Whether you’re trying to generate more leads or simply ramp up your engagement with your target market, relying on the same marketing strategy year after year is not going to yield strong results. In recent years video marketing has become critical to engaging with audiences, so if your strategy hasn’t been updated to include video, it’s time to jump in to make changes.

Did you know viewers retain 95% more information via video than they do from text? While text definitely has its place, when you’re trying to engage with your audience, video is key. The following are some other stats that should pique your interest.

  • Almost 82% of consumer internet traffic is video
  • 72% of consumers would rather educate themselves about products and services through video than through any other medium
  • 92% of mobile users share videos they find interesting
  • Video marketers get almost 66% more leads per year than other types of marketers

Not convinced yet? Consider that when you build content, you’re most successful when you evoke emotions in your target audience. As humans, we can be profoundly moved when we see something we relate to. When your video marketing content hits its mark, you’re far more likely to pull in those leads.

While there are some small things you can do with video marketing that don’t require you to be an expert, making a huge impact with an extensive video marketing strategy takes professional guidance.

Getting it right means going through a planning stage followed by professional-quality production and then distributing the video through the right channels. It’s no wonder that so many companies fail to see the fruits of their labor – they don’t have the tools required to influence their target audience.

When you outsource your video marketing to a professional, you leave all the work to them, including the research on your target audience and what types of videos will make an impression on them. That’s what we do at SJC. We guide the entire process and help you generate more engagement. Contact us and let’s talk about building a video marketing strategy for your brand.

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