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5 Reasons to Try Videos for Business Marketing

Getting started with video for business marketing requires very little investment or equipment.

You feel an urge to duck and hide every time your aunt pulls out her Polaroid, and you cringe at the sound of your recorded voice. You’re not exactly a ham, but don’t let that stop you from trying videos for business marketing. The qualities that make you avoid the spotlight may be exactly what makes video a great format for you.

Here are five reasons why videos for business marketing are a great tool for reaching your goals:

Low Cost of Entry: Video is one of the great equalizers of B2B marketing. If you have a smartphone and a little tripod, you’re all set to get started with live videos. As you get rolling, you may decide you want to invest in quality videos for longer term use but going live on your social platforms is a good place to start.

Engage With Authenticity: That part of you that always cringed at the sight of a camcorder is ideal for B2B video marketing. Decision-makers and buyers want authenticity in the companies they partner with, and they can recognize when there’s a lot of selling going on without much substance. While you don’t want to come across as a muddled mess, don’t obsess about it being perfect.

Boost Sales: Video presents a perfect format for product demonstrations, how-to instructions or debuting a new product. Host a live video in order to build relationships and camaraderie as you answer questions and engage with audiences. This builds your reputation as an expert, but one that is easily approachable, and helps your potential buyers think of your first when it’s time to make a purchase.

Improve SEO: Your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts will only benefit from the use of video for business marketing. Search engine algorithms prioritize new material and visual material, so each new video you post will improve your SEO.

Enjoy the Results of Clear Communication: When you post on social media or send out an email newsletter, you lose the inflections of your voice and stress on certain words that can change the meaning of a message. With video, you have body language, inflection and tone all at your disposal for clearly sharing your content.

If you’re thinking of trying videos for business marketing, our team at SJC Marketing is ready to get help you reach your goals. From visualizing a finished product to editing, we can guide the process for a successful first video.

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