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4 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Drone Photography

Real estate drone photography gives buyers an unprecedented comprehensive view of prospective properties.

It’s a great time to be a realtor. Interest rates remain low, and while the summer rush has passed, homes are still selling for good prices. As in any business, real estate is about gaining a competitive edge, and many realtors are finding that real estate drone photography provides that edge.

Drones are fun to experiment with and provide some novelty to your agency’s listings, but they also deliver serious business advantages:

Comprehensive Views: The Internet is playing a huge role in selling homes, with buyers viewing full galleries of pictures before determining if they want to see a home in person. From virtual tours to dozens of photos depicting property layouts and detailed fixtures, the buyer has a clear idea of what the home is like before they set aside time to visit it.

Real estate drone photography gives potential buyers one more perspective on the property. For homes in which the neighborhood, surrounding woods or water feature is a selling point, these photos can go a long way in helping sell the property.

Faster Sales: When buyers can see the entire property, including aerial views, they are more likely to come and see it in person. This means the home sells faster and for a higher price.

Get a Buzz Going: Real estate is a competitive business, and many realtors find that real estate drone photography creates a differentiator that helps set their agency apart in terms of quality, innovation and focus on selling. Investing in drone photography helps show that the realtor cares enough about the sales process to take the extra step of showing the aerial view.

Solid ROI: It wasn’t very long ago that a realtor would need to hire a helicopter and photographer to achieve an aerial photo of a property. Now the technology is within reach, but realtors still find it more affordable to outsource this task to a marketing agency, rather than own a drone that they’ll have to maintain.

While real estate drone photography is exploding, aerial views are advantageous across a wide variety of industries. From offering sweeping views of your corporate offices to demonstrating progress on a new project or capturing the excitement of your live event, there are many ways to utilize drone photography.

At SJC Marketing, we offer drone photography as part of a full spectrum of marketing services that work to expand your brand awareness. For more information, and to find out how affordable drone photography is for your business, contact us today.

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