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3 Tips For Twitter Marketing To Help Your Brand Stand Out

Your Twitter marketing strategy should include a consideration of how tweets impact search rankings.

You might think of Twitter as being mostly a platform for brand awareness and community outreach. But there are some strategic Twitter marketing techniques that you could be using to drive conversions and growth:

Think About Search: When you’re crafting a witty tweet, it may not be top-of-mind that your tweet may be the first thing people read from your brand when they Google you.

Since 53% of shoppers say they research a brand before they buy, it’s likely that more than half of your customers are doing a search on your brand name and the first glimpse they get of you and your brand may be your tweet.

What should you do differently? Make sure your tweets are consistent with your brand story and the personality of your brand. Think about commenting on current trends or movement in your industry, but stay away from any tweets that, read independently, might cause confusion or offense.

Make the Most of Clicks: It’s not easy to get click-throughs or conversions from Twitter. But that’s why you need to make the most of the traffic that does come your way. Consider having a dedicated landing page that coordinates well with your Twitter marketing, matching CTAs and visuals from your feed or profile.

You can also make sure that your sales funnel is tailored to how conversions occurring with Twitter may have specific obstacles or trends that need addressing to smooth the way.

Learn From Competitors: If you want to learn from your competitor’s mistakes try this easy trick. Simply type your competitor’s name in the advanced search, followed by a “:(“ and see what pops up.

You’ll learn what your audience is saying about their brand. And while you’re at it, better check yours, too. Social listening is a great way to identify some “what not to do” tips for Twitter marketing.

Ah, Twitter. It’s so much more than a place to showcase your snark, though we do love that too. But with a little finesse, Twitter marketing can take on a bigger role in your strategy, working hard to engage your audiences. Contact us to get started on an engaging social media strategy.



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