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3 Digital Marketing Tools Worth Your Notice

Not sure which digital marketing tools are best for your use? Take a look at these suggestions.

Even as companies pivoted to stay relevant and struggled to stay profitable throughout the pandemic, consumers continued to send a strong message: they wanted brands that would do more than just sell to them; they wanted brands that would know them. And for many organizations trying to meet customer expectations, the right digital marketing tools can be key.

But how do you know which trends are worth your investment? With audiences interacting with brands over so many channels, how do you know where best to connect with them?

There are a few tools that may prove to be worth your time and attention:

Customer Data Platform: You’ve got the analytics to learn more about your customers, but having the right technology to provide insights and then segment your audiences can help you tailor content, messaging and products to better fit their needs.

Content Management System: If you have multiple social media platforms, email marketing and paid online ads, you’ve got a lot of content to manage. A content management system helps you cultivate campaigns with creative messaging and ideas and time it all right to get noticed by your target market.

Customer Loyalty Solutions: Tracking your customers’ buying history and rewarding them for it is one of the best ways to personalize their experience. You can tailor these programs to your customers’ preferences so that they are receiving the rewards and benefits that mean the most to them.

Another digital marketing trend that is shaping all of the above-mentioned solutions is artificial intelligence (AI). By recording behavioral data, AI can tailor customer experiences to recommend products, offer rewards based on specific interests or even deliver a customized promotion to your customers.

Incorporating these tools into your digital marketing strategy offers more than just increased sales or better lead generation. It offers your customers a chance to connect with your brand, and to feel as if they are known by your company. To learn more about how you can get to know your target market, contact us at SJC Marketing.

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