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What Will SEO Look Like in 2030?

What will SEO look like in the next decade? Here are a few clues based on current trends.

Keeping up with the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO) can make your head spin, but if you stand back just a bit, there are broader trends that shape how websites and content should be designed. For instance, even though it’s required some tweaks, you know that regularly posting new content, prioritizing mobile-friendly design and including visual content are all SEO trends you can count on.

But what about in the next decade? Can you anticipate that mobile optimization will still be a thing, or will that be a given? Maybe virtual reality will take the place of visual content as a differentiator in algorithms.

It’s hard to tell, but there are a few trends that you can predict:

Keywords get Complicated: It’s already shifting this way but expect keywords to become even more conversational as users continue moving to complete phrases and sentences, rather than words. You’ll need to understand not just what words your audiences will use in a search, but also the intent behind them and the questions they might ask. Maybe you’ll be consulting a psychologist, along with your SEO specialist and web designer.

Voice Search Expands its Influence: Part of the reason for keywords becoming more complex is that users are increasingly finding smart devices to be useful for answering questions and even making purchases. But what happens when the person speaks a different language? And you may require flexibility around the questions, such as including strategies for when users ask for a product by name versus when they ask for a generic version.

Mining Social Knowledge: The SEO specialist of the 2030s will spend more time on social media, mining platforms for trends in conversations in your industry and among your audiences. You will gain insights into pain points, even minor annoyances that will help you develop your SEO strategy.

Differentiation by Authority: One thing that will make your site stand out in SEO rankings in the future is your level of authority behind the information on your site. Original content that provides value to your visitors will outrank anything you pull in from other sources. Be sure to invest in owned content in the coming years to benefit your rankings.

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