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Monday Morning Coffee: What Your Brew Says About You

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Ahhh, coffee. Whether you require an occasional caffeine boost before an early-morning meeting or you’ve got a daily can’t-miss morning appointment with Mr. Coffee, you likely have a preferred way you like to drink yours.

This is far from scientific, but who ever let a little thing like science keep them from having some fun? Read on to find out what your favorite brew might reveal about you.

The kind of coffee you drink can reveal some things about you.

Temperature: One study found that even before you get to brew style and add-ins, you’ve already been pigeonholed a bit. For instance, your temp may be correlating with your social media preferences, with cold brew fans preferring Instagram at a rate of 27% while 35% of hot coffee fans like Facebook better.

According to the study, old brew fans also tend to like sunny weather, are part of Gen Z and like to binge-watch TV (okay, come on…everyone likes that!).

Now, let’s move on to more fun with some ideas about what your cup of coffee may say about you:

Black Coffee: Ooh, serious. You are a no-nonsense person that may be described as old-school and efficient. You get things done!

Are you a no-nonsense type? Black coffee may be your cup of choice.

Instant Coffee: Setting aside for just one moment that instant coffee is to coffee what Tang is to orange juice, there are a few qualities that might go with your brew (non-brew, actually). You may be low-maintenance and easy-to-please or you may be a procrastinator that doesn’t have time to wait for a cup.

Cappuccino: You are classy. You have time to sip. You may even be adventurous and creative. Or you might just like that foamy surface.

Latte: Whether you prefer a bit of sugar, caramel syrup or you’re a straight cream kind of sipper, lattes may indicate that you’re a person who’s easy to be around. You like a little cream and sugar to take the edge off an espresso, just like you can take the edge off a conversation.

There may be something your coffee style is saying about you!

Espresso: You’re bold, confident and you’re in a hurry. You down that shot of espresso like you’ve got somewhere to be.

Milk Alternatives or Decaf: You’re the one holding up the line. But that’s okay because you’re probably setting an example for healthfulness that the rest of us should follow. You may also be a detail-oriented person and everyone counts on you to get things just right.

These are probably about as reliable as your astrological sign for summing up your personality, but it’s a fun tour anyway, right? When you’re ready to sip some coffee while talking over a marketing campaign, don’t forget to call us at SJC Marketing!

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