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Monday Morning Coffee Talks Tacos

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When you need to serve a crowd, tacos are the way to go. Tacos allow people to add their favorite toppings, avoid the ones they hate and achieve with perfect precision their ideal meat-to-veggies ratio.

Tacos also serve as a metaphor for everything marketing. The next time you bite into a taco, think about these aspects:

You’re Just Barely Hanging On: Once you tilt that taco and take your first bite, you’re in it. You hope nobody asks you any questions that require an overly-involved answer because you’re going to need focus. Or a fork.

A good marketing strategy is like a taco shell. You should know where you are going but it should be exciting.

A great marketing strategy is like a great taco shell. It holds it all together. But a delicious shell can’t be so sturdy that it doesn’t taste good. Sure, you could pack your toppings into a piece of corn-flavored cardboard, but you’d lose the whole concept.

Your strategy should give you a similar experience. You should have an idea where you’re headed, but there should be enough new and exciting to make it seem like it’s just a bit precarious.

It’s All You: Your taco may be packed with carne asada, lettuce, pico de gallo and jalapenos, topped with sour cream and tomatillo sauce, while your vegetarian buddy piles on beans, peppers, salsa and guac. Every taco is unique and assembled according to preference.

Your marketing should be like a taco—all you. It should not look too similar to the marketing strategy of any of your competitors. You should have your own color scheme, tone and voice so that when people run across your ads or posts they immediately know it’s you.

It Gets Its Own Day: You’ve probably already made it to the store to stock up on ingredients for tomorrow’s Taco Tuesday. It’s become a common tradition for families to count on a fun Mexican night to break up the week.

You should build a unique taco and a unique marketing strategy that is all you.

Your marketing strategy should also get a regular appearance. Maybe a Marketing Monday? You get the idea. Every week may be a lot, but you should definitely blow the dust off that marketing strategy more often than you do and take a look at how things are going compared to your goals.

Every day is Marketing Day at SJC Marketing. We would love to hear about your company, where you’re headed and how you plan to get there. We’ll do it over tacos. Contact us today!

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