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First, we talk about what you need, whether it is developing a strategic marketing plan for a fundraiser for a non-profit or a complete branding overhaul that starts with a new logo and ends with implementing your brand strategy on all forms of social media. We talk about your company’s mission, the impact you want to make in your community and the message you want to portray to your target audience.

Next, we develop a marketing strategy based on your goals. The strategy is a step-by-step blueprint of your strategic marketing plan. Our team brainstorms all of the ways we think your brand can shine and we show you the who, what, where and why. Suggestions for a new online presence, creating a blog, print materials, press releases and more are laid out in a strategic process so that you can follow along with our team as we build your brand. We then present you with the strategy to work out a timeline and contract. Contracts are built and pricing is dependent upon the time needed to complete projects and vary with each client.

Here’s the fun part where you enjoy the benefits of reaching your target audience and surpassing your marketing goals. After your marketing strategy is in place, we are your partner and are available for adjustments, feedback and additional projects when the need arises. Whether you need our team for creative marketing ideas or we are creating content on a weekly or monthly basis, we are always an email, phone call or office visit away. Marketing your business doesn’t have to fill up your schedule. We have the solutions that give results, saving you time that allows you to focus on other business growth strategies. The possibilities are endless when it comes to telling your story and we have the tools to make sure your brand keeps on shining.

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