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With improved white space management, your infographic design will have better flow.
3 Steps to Infographic Design That Stands Out

In their best form, infographics are an artistic, effective and clear way of putting information in front of your target audience. Infographic designs are definitely proving to be more in demand as audiences are presented with data all day long on their smartphones, tablet computers and desktops — they need an easy way to absorb […]

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An infographic is easily-digestible by the consumer and provides a way to promote brand awareness.
Word of the Week: Infographic

An infographic is a great way to showcase your expertise in an attractive way. It’s easily consumed by your readers, and with its combination of graphics and text, it promotes the benefits of each type of content. Here are a few of the reasons why you should try including infographics in your content marketing strategy: […]

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Image Centric Social Media: How to be Visual

There is no way to deny that image centric social media has taken over as one of the primary ways to share your message. With platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Vine becoming increasingly popular and Twitter, Facebook, and blogs shifting toward using more image centric messages, this trend is on the rise. Pictures and […]

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Can You Keep the Thrill Alive for Writing Weekly Blogs?

Feeling a little ho-hum about writing weekly blogs? Perk up your blog this week. Your readers will appreciate it and you’ll remember why you’re writing weekly blogs in the first place. A blog is a direct pipeline to quality content. Quality content feeds your search engine activity, and even more, your brand value. Quality content […]

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