Marketing Musings

Your marketing strategy should be based on data, but it’s also important to remember the art of marketing.
Don’t Lose Sight of the Art of Marketing

There’s a whopping amount of data available to you about what your customers do and why they do it. You can know what they tend to click before they finally decide to make a purchase. You can learn which subject line led to the most click-throughs on your email campaign. No behavior is too minor […]

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social media strategies
Does Your Social Media Strategy Help You Engage Your Target Audience?

Personalized Marketing That Connects With Your Audience Personalized marketing is one of the big trends of 2018, and one of the best opportunities for demonstrating your personal connection is through your social media strategies. Personalization provides a host of benefits, including better customer loyalty, increased conversions and ideally, it will create a buzz around your […]

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