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Monday Morning Coffee With Hank and Aces Real Pit BBQ

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The Midwest is known across the United States as the BBQ capital and Saint Joseph is right at the heart of it. Around here, people love their BBQ, and Hank and Aces’ unique mix of Kansas City and Texas flavors has proven itself a destination restaurant for people all around Northwest Missouri. Located at 4230 Saint Joseph Avenue, this takeout BBQ shack has been dishing up BBQ mastery since 2021 with no signs of stopping.

Hank and Aces offers a variety of menu items, including smoked pork.

Named after the owners’ two sons, (Hank and Ace), this BBQ joint produces some of the best barbecue in town. There isn’t much to the Hank and Aces BBQ building, just a small red building with a few tables and chairs out in front. But don’t let that fool you! Widely considered a “hole in the wall” establishment, Hank and Aces’ ability to achieve barbecue supremacy has attracted hundreds of customers and barbecue connoisseurs alike.

The Hank and Aces experience is simple, but second to none. Delicious food, easy ordering, and great people: what more could you ask for? The Hank and Aces staff is superb, super-helpful and all-around wonderful people. Enjoying your BBQ outside or taking it home to your table is your choice, but rest assured that either way, you will be enjoying your food. With positive reviews all over the Internet, customers of Hank and Aces BBQ rave about it and can’t wait to come back.

Customers of Hank and Aces BBQ rave about the menu and can't wait to come back again and again.

The selection of dishes at Hank and Aces is unique yet intriguing. Most people expect brisket, pulled pork and ribs from a barbecue place. However, Hank and Aces offers some additional dishes that give it some individual flair and personality. Biscuits and gravy with smoked pork, breakfast tacos, cinnamon rolls, and banana pudding are not typically found at your average BBQ joint but you’ll find them here. Hank and Aces also offers an impressive variety of sauces, which give your meal the extra kick of your choice.

Hank and Aces is a must-try barbecue location. With merchandise design underway, dedicated fans can even represent their favorite BBQ joint soon enough. So, keep your eyes peeled for a little red building in St. Joseph because it produces some of the best barbecue food in the region.

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