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Videos for social media should be built around a compelling story.
Cater to the Needs of Your Audience With Videos for Social Media

Creating engaging visuals for social media posts has been a go-to tactic for generating more interest in your brand, but have you considered going live?  Videos for social media are increasingly focused on live content and the benefits can be key for your company. If you’ve been creating 15-second videos and want to extend that […]

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SEO isn’t just about words anymore – video is making a huge splash.
6 Tips For Creating a Video Marketing Strategy That Will Boost Your SEO

Improve Your SEO With Video Content If you’re looking for a way to engage your target audience, few will argue that utilizing video marketing strategies is a good idea. Video content is exploding with the increase in smartphone usage and platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Today, it’s easier than ever to utilize methods of touching […]

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