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From stagnant sales to lackluster customer interest, there are many reasons for a company rebranding.
Have You Been Talking About Rebranding Your Company?

Brands evolve over time. They sometimes change to meet customer needs or when the scope of business expands or retracts. Maybe you’re finding that you haven’t succeeded at differentiating yourself in the marketplace and are getting lackluster results. All of these situations could lead to discussions about a company rebranding effort. Outdated Branding Sometimes, company […]

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Why Today’s Target Audience Will Remind You of a Preteen Girl

Develop Branding Strategies That Nurture a Steady Relationship When you started your business, your customers were faithful. They knew you and trusted you. That’s all that mattered. Today, you have a new target audience. One that is unpredictable, flighty and vocal. This audience reminds you of a preteen girl. Digital media has perpetuated an environment […]

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