Marketing Musings

Good marketing comes with a measure of fluidity so that you are able to pivot and change as needed.
Keeping Your Marketing Strategy Fluid in Changing Times

Your marketing strategy is built around a solid understanding of your brand and the story you want to tell. It’s consistent, it’s full of your personality and it’s incredibly effective. Until it’s not. Whether it’s a devastating flood that makes a lighthearted message ring out like you don’t care in your local area, or a […]

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All Things Instagram

It’s all about Instagram today. You’ll learn from SJC’s Social Media Marketing Manager about Instagram’s user demographics and changes, good or bad, to the platform over the past few years. We even set up steps a new business should take if they’re considering to promote their business through Instagram. There are also some shout outs […]

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Trending Thursday
Trending Thursday Brings You Four Campaign Ideas That Work

(They’re Much Better Than Campaign Ideas That Don’t Work) Some ideas work. Some ideas don’t. It’s true across your business, your personal life and any marketing campaign you hope to establish for your product or service. Campaign ideas that work aren’t really elusive; in fact, they’re based on basic principles that stand the test of […]

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