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Monday Morning Coffee Celebrates April Fool’s Day

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It’s Monday morning, and while we try to soften the arrival of the work week with a cup of joe and a fun topic, it’s going to be hard to head off the impact of a Monday that’s also April Fool’s Day. There’s a good chance you’re about to get it.

A yellow post-it note is pasted against a blue wall. It says, "Be aware! April 1," with the "1" circled in red.

As you hide at your desk avoiding any pranks that may be targeting you, check out some of the most epic brand pranks in recent years:

Honda Pastport: Honda showed off its new package for those nostalgic for the 1990s: the Honda Pastport. It features the same updated outside as the Honda Passport, but inside, it’s all 90s. There are features like a digital clock, a tape deck and just one button on the steering wheel—the horn.

Whopper Toothpaste: Burger King had the perfect solution for all of their customers who just couldn’t get enough of the Whopper, even skipping teeth brushing to keep from losing the flavor in their mouths. Whopper Toothpaste, packaged in a tube complete with flame-grilled micro-granules (…yum?), is the way to keep your teeth clean without missing that Whopper taste. Don’t forget to swish with soda when you’re done!

A blue and yellow toothbrush with red and white toothpaste applied to the bristles.

Google Tulip: In a commercial featuring Dutch scientists working away at their labs, Google pretended to unveil Google Tulip, the device that would let you talk to a tulip. It’s funny, not least because the plants say things you could probably guess on your own: “More water” and “More light.” There is also a funny moment when a scientist is trying to test an expansion product and talking to a cactus and she’s simply told “No.” Those cacti can be prickly.

SodaSoak: SodaStream introduced a new product, SodaSoak, which would allow you to turn any bathtub into a bubbling, carbonated experience. There are three levels of bubbles and you can even add scented bath oils so that you can finish your bath smelling like fruit punch.

A papercraft of a gray bathtub filled with bubbles against a blue background.

None of these were all that convincing, but they were all funny. Nobody longs for the tech of the 90s and plants probably don’t want to communicate with you but it’s good to be entertained.

Has your company tried out any big brand pranks? If you are looking for the perfect way to blend humor with your brand message, we can help you create the ideal prank. Contact us at SJC Marketing!


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