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Marketing in a recession may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s likely to pay off over time.
Now Is Not The Time To Cut Your Marketing Budget

When the economy slows down, you may quickly begin looking for where your budget could weather a storm. If a recession causes revenues to dip, can you offset the damage by trimming your marketing budget? It may seem natural to cut back on spending, but a look at history will tell you that it might […]

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When the economy is tough, your marketing strategy needs to get more focused. Learn where your dollars count most.
Marketing in a Tough Economy

When the economy is slow and your marketing budget is suddenly under a lot of scrutiny, it can be challenging to know how to prioritize your spending. Should you put more into customer acquisition or retention? Maybe it’s time to run some serious promotions. While all of these questions are worth considering, now is the […]

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Is blogging still cool? Yes it’s still a powerful marketing tool.
Unfiltered Marketing: Marketing Big on a Small Budget

How the United Way of Greater St. Joseph Stretches Their Marketing Dollars This week on Unfiltered Marketing, the podcast of SJC Marketing, our team sat down with a special guest, the President of the United Way of St. Joseph, Kylee Strough. Before the interview got rolling, Account Managers Jen and Anna had to cover a […]

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Content Marketing Trends That May Interest You

There’s no argument that content marketing consumed much of the B2B community this year. The B2B Content Marketing Trends 2012 report was released earlier this week. In it was the answers of nearly 30,000 members of the LinkedIn B2B Technology Marketing Community. There weren’t too many surprises but a lot of interesting talking points. Education, […]

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