Marketing Musings

Small Business Case Studies – an Educational Way to Promote your Brand

In the quest to refine the future of your brand, sometimes it’s helpful to look back at the past – the past of others, that is. The process of examining small business case studies allows us to review what went right or wrong without having to take the risk ourselves. And because they’re usually written […]

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Success Stories – Why They Matter

When was the last time you asked a customer to rate their level of satisfaction with your service? If they came back with a great response, did you then ask if you could capture their experience in a success story? If not, you’re missing a great opportunity. Prospective clients want to know just how well […]

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Tips to Include Case Study Copywriting in Your Content Marketing

How much of your copywriting budget do you set aside for writing and promoting the case study? Have you recognized the value in developing and marketing this content? If you have happy customers, you have an opportunity to turn that experience into a case study and promote it through your online channels. Our copywriting and […]

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