Marketing Musings

Enjoy some Monday morning coffee and read about a local favorite outdoor activity spot.
Pitching and Catching With Monday Morning Coffee

Would you say your marketing strategy is more focused on pitching or catching? Grab a cup of coffee and your favorite donut, scone or muffin and let’s talk about baseball as a metaphor for marketing. Or, you know, since it’s baseball talk, feel free to grab a beer and a brat and even your foam […]

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Monday Morning Coffee With the St. Joseph Mustangs

Baseball. America’s favorite past time. Peanuts and soda. Hotdogs and cotton candy. The cheering of the fans and the crack of the bat. It’s almost perfection. And St. Joseph has all of this, and more, to offer. The St. Joseph Mustangs have been pushing their way to the top in their division and in the […]

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