Marketing Musings

Did You Post Your Website and Forget About it?

You’ve seen how brick and mortar stores are always renovating, right? It’s not that they have money to burn, it’s because they understand the importance of keeping things fresh. Once a new website is up and running, many of us fail to change it regularly. This can be a key factor in gaining and keeping […]

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Put the Fruitcake Down: Creating a New Website Shouldn’t Overwhelm

New year, new website, fresh new message to your audience. If the thought makes you want to get up and go find some stale fruitcake as an avoidance strategy, stay seated. A recent post from the Nonprofit Marketing Guide describes how, like writing a book, creating a new website is not a daunting task when […]

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Website Appeal Getting Stale? Why You Should Update Your Website

Most people view maintenance on their cars like routine oil changes and tire rotations as a necessity, so why is it when it comes to the longevity of website appeal we tend to think the site will take care of itself? The reality is, neglecting to update your website will lead to the same disarray […]

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